Each Aveda shampoo cleanses while captivating the senses and includes an invigorating scalp and shoulder massage. Blowout Only $35

Stylist $35+
Sr Stylist $40+
Master Stylist $45+
Creative Director$50+


After a complete consultation, our stylist will create a style just for you. Included in this service is a stress relieving head and shoulder massage. (Bang Cut $15)

Stylist $50$35
Sr Stylist $60$40
Master Stylist $70$45
Creative Director$75$45


Aveda color is a 97% ammonia free product. All color services requires maintenance and upkeep every 4-6 weeks. A complete consultation is provided prior to these services.

Single Process
Stylist $60
Sr Stylist $70
Master Stylist $75
Creative Director $80
With Partial Highlights
Stylist $130
Sr Stylist $135
Master Stylist $150
Creative Director $160
With Full Highlights
Stylist $150
Sr Stylist $160
Master Stylist $170
Creative Director $180

Corrective Color or Toning - Pricing provided after consultation
A consultation is a must prior to this service. This procedure is done to remove or change un-wanted brassiness chemical or home hair color that has gone wrong. This procedure may require extra time or additional appointments to achieve the proper result. Our methods include matching tones lowlights blending and the final corrective color. Price furnished upon consultation.


Highlights are applied strategically through your hair to add extra dimension by bringing a lighter shade to your overall color. The application area ranges from forehead-to-crown. Strands of hair are colored with highlights, mid lights, and lowlights utilizing weaving or slicing techniques while isolated in foils. Service includes blow-dry finish(Add $20+ to the price for extra length.)

Full - Up to 100 foils. $120/ $130
Partial - Up to 50 foils. $95 / $110
Hairline - This application is used to enhance certain areas of the haircut with a few light, mid, or darker tones $54 / $64
Single foil (each) - This application is used to create a statement by using a few strands with intense colors. $15


Using a brush to paint a thick mixture of lighter or darker sections of hair. The outcome can be a natural and subtle look. It could also be used for a dramatic and trendy effect. A consultaton is required and pricing will vary. ($150+)


The ombre technique is a subtle application of color that starts from the middle length through the ends, creating a gradual hue of colors. Consultation is required and pricing will vary. ($150+)


Penetrating plant proteins and conditioners are clinically proven to restore hair from the inside out.

Damage remedy repair and scalp treatment$30
Detoxifying treatment$14
Botanical Therapy$20
Thickening Tonic$25


Smoothing treatment for all kinds of hair. This intense treatment leaves hair soft, shiny and frizz free for up to five months. We offer our guest two best smoothing treatments - Brazilian Blowout & Zerran Relisse. A complete consultation is required prior to this treatment.

Brazilian Blowout (depending on length and density)$279+
Zerran Relisse (depending on length and density)$279+


Designed to straighten extremely curly, coiled or tightly coiled hair by breaking the disulfide bonds within the cortex layer of the hair. Proper maintenance is required and a complete consultation prior to service.

Stylist $115
Sr Stylist $115
Master Stylist $115
Creative Director $115
Sr Stylist$75
Master Stylist$85
Creative Director$95

Make-Up Services

Makeover with Lashes$55
Makeover w/o lashes$45

Waxing Services

Eyebrow with contour$21
Eyebrow cleanup$15
Lip and Chin$10